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Not everybody believes in God, but is there a safe place to ask questions without feeling judged? Welcome to Real Talks, a discussion group that encourages you to ask questions about God that sometimes we might be afraid to ask.

Real Talks aim to provide answers to questions about God that might be lingering in your mind, by the way, we all have them.

Questions is an important part of our development. Can you remember when you were a child how you asked questions? In fact it was the main way you learned, how about now? Are you still curious enough to ask questions? More important, have you ever taken the time to explore the big questions about life, God and why we are here?

We have sourced valuable content from various sites on the internet that we hope can help to provide some answers to these questions. We have arranged the topics in ways you hope you find easy to understand.

Who We Are

We are Christians, members of a house fellowship group that simply want to engage and connect with people irrespective of their background and have healthy mature conversations about these Big Life Questions.

The reason why you are on this site is perhaps one of us met you and had a conversation about God and how he plays a big role in our lives.

This website is a resource for you to be able to gain insight into questions that we have once asked and have found answers.  After all, you only share good things if you believe that it could be of benefit to others.  We hope the information on this site can provide some perspective.

Our Mission

We want to provide safe places where adults can ask deep and meaningful questions about God, life, the Bible, Jesus, Purpose, Science and Religion. We believe that this can only happen when we are being real with ourselves and we have people around us that engage with us in real time conversation. We believe that God has a message for everyone and we want you to know what that is. How you respond is always up to you. If we can do all this coming from an intention of love, then we have fulfilled our mission.

Our Thanks

We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site that hope that from this you will be able to join us to have a real talks discussion, we look forward to hearing from you. Check the most helpful and valuable services for all. Share with your friends !