The Beginning of 3D Printing (Essay Sample)

The Beginning of 3D Printing

To completely comprehend the nature of 3D printing, one must start from the beginning as well as why it is such a hot topic today.  Some believe that 3D printing will change the world but no matter what you believe it will affect society dramatically.  This is especially true with reports emerging of this astounding utilization of this technology which is currently in the marketplace for consumers.  From innovative cell phone cases to the formation of new parts of the human body, changes are coming that will change the lives of everyone on this planet in one way or another.  “The prices are dropping as more companies attempt consumer-grade machines.  Is it time to start looking forward to a time when we all have a Star Trek-like replicators at home to produce everything we want, when we want it” (Draeger, 2012)?  It may sound like a utopian society, but as with anything including something science related, nothing is perfect, so eventually there will be drawbacks. Even though this type of technology is not as adaptable as the utopian scientific dream, there are implications to improve things we have or have the potential to develop on in the future.  This potential could be elements that are essential to improve our planet environmentally to the need for less resources.  

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